Flop the insanity! Ref calls match when five guys fake it at same time
A soccer match in Peru was abandoned after 5 players faked injury at the same time. Here's Nicole Dabeau with more:
Good luck charm? Scrivens dons mask for charity, gets Oilers' first W
The art of goalie-mask design has become increasingly that in recent years — art. But art, as they say, is subjective. And like in other forms, goalie-mask art can also carry a purpose. Just ask Ben Scrivens. The Edmonton Oilers goalie on Monday announced he would lend his support to the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta with a new program he calls "Ben's Netminders"— a program in which Edmonton-area artists diagnosed with the illness will design a goalie mask for Scrivens.
Oh boy ... what is Michelle Wie putting in her mouth this time?
Oh boy ... what is Michelle Wie putting in her mouth this time?
Too much lunch? Watch Steelers' Timmons lose his on the field
Football can be rough on the body ... and apparently on the stomach. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons let loose with some vomit during the game on Monday night.
Bochy recognizes Buster Posey's great talent
Giants manager Bruce Bochy talks about what makes Buster Posey so special.
Watch Kyle Orton and Uncle Rico throw game-winning TD pass for Bills
Thank you for this, technology. 
Anderson Silva would be honored to walk to the Octagon with DMX
Anderson Silva talks about the possibility of adding DMX to his walkout entourage for UFC 183 where the rapper could perform his favorite track, 'No Sunshine'. 
UFC's Joe Riggs on scary gun accident: 'I shouldn't have lived'
Joe Riggs shot himself in the hand and thigh accidentally in August, just hours after signing a UFC contract. Somehow, he'll be able to compete in December at UFC Fight Night on FOX.
Seattle TV station hilariously mixes up Gary Payton and Peyton Manning
Graphic showed former Sonics guard setting NFL passing record.
Who lost the weekend?
Oakland Raiders fans got trolled pretty hard by Darnell Dockett during Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals. But they weren’t the only ones in sports who had a tough weekend.
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